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Sunsmile congratulates Dr. Zhan on earning the Hundreds of Pig Doctors Awards
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Congratulations to Dr. Zhan on receiving the Hundreds of Pig Doctors Awards. As you know, this is an award that is provided by China’s reform and opening up of pigs for 40 years to enhance pig industrial & development.

The event was held in Guangxi and sponsored by the National Pig Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, China Agricultural Machinery Society Mechanized Pig Breeding Branch, Guangxi Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Society Pig Breeding Branch, China Breeding Information Network. 

The event was commended for the contribution of the pig doctors in the advancement of the pig industry. Dr. Zhan is an expert in the field of livestock industry. He has published several technical articles. For more than ten years, he has been communicating and guiding with many domestic and foreign enterprises and aquaculture companies in the field of advanced management concepts such as feeding management, nutrition, disease prevention and control, and immune regulation, and is leading the industry in pig industry. Sunsmile thank you to bringing pride and reputation to us.

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